Freight Forwarders Australia

Freight Forwarders Australia

WWCF are experienced Australian freight forwarders, offering tailored logistics solutions to businesses of all sizes. With over 30 years of experience, our worldwide network and strong local connections enable us to deliver efficient and cost-effective end-to-end supply chain management services.

Choose only premium Australian freight forwarders to transport your goods

Moving freight can be a complex logistical process. You want to ensure you work with only the best freight forwarders to ensure a hassle-free process. We simplify the process at Worldwide Customs and Forwarding Agents, leaning into our extensive local networks to ensure your goods are moved efficiently and cost-effectively. Our team will work with you every step of the journey to make your freight forwarding experience as smooth as possible.

Our highly experienced freight forwarders provide exceptional service, taking a holistic approach to managing your needs. Our professional team will organise any extra services required to meet your freight forwarding and customs needs. We'll streamline every aspect of moving your goods, including any paperwork, insurance, packing and, of course, delivery.

What's the best approach in choosing a reputable Australian freight forwarder?

When you decide to use a local or international freight forwarding company, it's crucial that you trust the company you are working with.

A reputable freight forwarder will be highly responsive, accountable, and able to rise to any challenges that may come up proactively. They'll take time to understand your requirements and be able to hand-select the right options from various carriers to meet your needs.

International freight forwarding services comprise an intricate network with many moving parts. Your chosen international freight forwarder must have excellent knowledge and relationships across logistics, import and export services and customs brokerage. They will also be able to provide a solid 'Plan B, if any part of the original plan unexpectedly changes.

It's a partnership of trust built on transparency and clear communication. Before committing to partnering with a freight forwarder, we strongly advise that you do your research and choose a company with a solid reputation.

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It's simple to start our freight forwarding process

Tell us what you need, and we will provide a comprehensive quote. The easiest way to get in touch is by calling 1300 960 616 or by filling out our free quote form below. One of our freight forwarding team specialists will be in touch to discuss your quote and any additional needs you may have. We'll get the journey started. Everything you need, documents, timelines and details will be provided to you. You'll be kept in the loop at all times.

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    Breaking down our freight forwarders process

    Whatever you are moving, the freight forwarding process typically involves these five steps:

    • We Set The Wheels in Motion: To start with, we provide export haulage, moving your goods from their initial location into our warehouse. We'll make sure everything is together and ready to get moving.
    • Customs Clearance Sorted: As part of our export services, we liaise with a customs broker, ensuring they have all the necessary information and documents to obtain customs clearance and prepare your cargo to leave the country.
    • Air, Road, Rail or by Sea: We'll organise for your goods to reach their destination using the most efficient route for your chosen method of transport.
    • Destination Liaising: We'll ensure that every detail is provided to your destination country customs team to ensure a smooth entry for your goods.
    • The Home Stretch: Once your cargo has arrived, we'll have it transported safely to its final destination. It's that easy.

    Our Freight Forwarding Solutions

    Transport by Air

    Our team of experts will provide high-quality air freight services to manage the haulage, transport, import and export of your cargo into and out of all major Australian Airports. We provide professional solutions that ensure a seamless delivery from start to finish.

    • Customs clearance: You can always rest assured that your cargo will arrive precisely when it should, on time, every time.
    • Shipment consolidation: By packaging your cargo into our consolidated service, you can take advantage of significant cost savings.
    • Fast worldwide delivery: Our team of experts will provide the quickest, most reliable service available and connect you to a carrier that can meet your needs.
    • Network of trusted experts: Our highly dependable worldwide network ensures your cargo is safeguarded and handled with utmost care.
    • Door-to-door shipping: Our comprehensive shipping services will ensure everything, from commercial cargo to personal items, is taken care of, with same-day and next-day delivery for many items on arrival.

    Transport by Sea

    Worldwide Customs and Forwarding Agents offer a wide range of services to guarantee that your sea shipments arrive securely and promptly, such as customs clearance, freight forwarding, transportation and door-to-door deliveries. With our direct or consolidated shipping options, you can rest assured that the cost remains within your budget.

    We take charge of all the necessary customs processing, duties, authorisations and logistics to ensure your service runs smoothly from start to finish.

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    Freight Forwarding Safety Guarantee

    Worldwide Customs and Forwarding Agents pride ourselves on delivering first-class service and advice to our esteemed clients. When you entrust your cargo delivery needs to us, we go above and beyond to ensure delivery solutions that guarantee the safe transport and delivery of your goods.

    Australian Port Transfers

    Upon your cargo's arrival, we handle the transfer to its next vessel and transport it to any other local port in Australia. We can work with transit via trains, truck or liaising with domestic air carriers to forward on your cargo.

    Domestic Transport Service, Road & Rail

    We use a combination of rail and road networks to bring your goods to all major cities across Australia. Whether it's long-distance freight transport via railway or a highly efficient road transport solution, you can rest assured knowing we will pick out the most efficient delivery route for your goods.

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    Which destinations can we forward into and out of?

    Our company has established offices throughout Australia to cater to your needs. Whether you require freight forwarding in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, or Perth, we have got you covered. Feel free to get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements in detail.

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