The Requirements for Exporting Wine

Wine Exports

exporting wineUnder Australian Wine &Brandy Corporation Regulations, all wine shipments of 100 litres or more require export approval regardless of the number of consignees to which the shipment is addressed.

The purpose is to protect the reputation of Australian wine by assisting operators in the Australian wine sector to comply with international regulatory requirements, monitoring compliance with relevant elements of Australian law and investigating breaches when detected. 

The Corporation only approves wine for export from Australia. It does not have the power to approve wine for import into the receiving country.

For requirements in receiving countries see the Export Market Guide.

Approval Process

For wine product to be exported:

  • the exporter must hold an export licence
  • the product must be tested and deemed both sound and merchantable
  • an export permit is required for each consignment.

Some additional conditions apply for bulk wine exports.

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