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For anyone importing goods into Brisbane, engaging a professional customs broker will help avoid any potential hold-ups and enable a quick, seamless clearance. Worldwide Customs and Forwarding Agents (WWCF) will utilise its integrated air, sea, and road network to guarantee safe and timely delivery of shipments, as required under the Australian Customs Act 1901.

We're a custom broker that Brisbane has entrusted for over 40 years

With more than forty years of experience, the WWCF team of specialist customs clearance brokers have up-to-the-second knowledge of Australia's ever-evolving trade agreements and available concessions, exemptions, discounts, and reductions. Tapping into our expertise will ensure import taxes and other costs associated with your shipment are kept to a minimum.

Don't risk getting slowed down when navigating the complex procedures of Australian imports and exports. Handing over the technical aspects of your shipment to the experts will give you peace of mind that you won't experience frustrating delays and extra costs.

We are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service in everything we do. You will be assigned a single point of contact at the beginning of the process who will be responsible for keeping you updated as things progress.

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Why choose our Brisbane customs broker for your customs clearance needs?

If customs clearance isn’t your core area of business or expertise, the obligations, processes, and legalities can seem overwhelming. Missteps can end up causing frustrating delays and additional expenses. 

A thorough understanding of all processes

Our goal is to support the speediest, most hassle-free means of getting your goods into the country and your hands.

Leading insights, based on the latest information

Our systems are linked electronically to the Australian Border Force and Department of Home Affairs, Department of Agriculture, Australian Customs Service, Australian Quarantine Service, and all other relevant government bodies.

Know your obligations

We are equipped to provide the most reliable information and advice around regulations, licenses, and permits associated with quarantine requirements, biodiversity risks, and cultural heritage considerations. 

Reduce your import tax burden

Our level of knowledge and access ensures we remain across the most up-to-date rates and concessions, meaning our expert team can help reduce your overall tax burden.

And the benefits don’t end there! 

Failure to take receipt of your imported goods in a timely fashion can damage the reputation of your business, customer relationships, and productivity. This means getting it right is all the more important!

How quickly do shipments tend to be cleared out of Brisbane airport?

The associated timeframes can vary depending on the distinct circumstances of your imports. If all documentation and obligations are handled correctly the first time, your goods should be cleared within 24 to 48 hours.

However, incorrect or incomplete information can mean your items get held in costly storage facilities at the port. That’s why it’s so important the process is managed correctly from the outset.

Sometimes unexpected circumstances arise, which can cause delays, at which point your highly experienced Customs Broker, Brisbane will step in and work to resolve issues swiftly.

Who should use an customs clearance broker?

The simple answer is anyone intending to import goods into Brisbane should consider engaging a licensed, skilled customs clearance broker.

For businesses that regularly import goods, we typically develop ongoing relationships, always remaining on-hand to support effective and efficient processes. Regular importers benefit from knowing everything is managed appropriately and from the ability to hand over the administrative burden.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are smaller businesses for whom the need to import is more of a rarity and members of the public who import personal effects when relocating or buying items online.

Less experienced importers will likely have little-to-no knowledge of the import and clearance process. Attempts at handling the process independently often mean we receive crisis calls from clients when customs hold their goods.

The moral of the story is the earlier in the process that you engage an expert customs broker, the better.


What is our customs clearance process?

Step 1 - Correct Paperwork

Avoid any hold-ups resulting from incorrect or incomplete information! Notify us upon receipt of your shipping documents, and we will help you complete them appropriately.

Step 2 - Get through quarantine

When your items arrive at their destination country, we’ll deal with all necessary customs and quarantine clearance bodies and ensure the appropriate import taxes have been applied and paid for.

Step 3 - Send it forward

Beyond this, why not consider taking advantage of our Brisbane freight forwarding and logistics services? That way, your goods will be delivered directly to your door as soon as they are cleared!

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    We make customs clearance through Brisbane airport a breeze

    Imports and customs clearance is core business for us, we have developed strong relationships with all the necessary government officials and every major shipping company and airline, including the staff and officials at Brisbane airport.

    WWCF are proudly known for our ability to effectively clear imported goods with zero fuss. They know who we are and trust we know what we’re doing. Alongside our in-depth knowledge, this recognition helps streamline and expedite the processes involved, meaning our clients receive their items in a fast, compliant, cost-efficient way.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A ‘Clearance Broker’ is another term for a ‘Customs Broker’. Each term is used interchangeably, and there is no difference in the functions they perform or the services they offer.

    The Australian Customs Act 1901 states that either the owner of imported goods or a licensed Customs Broker with approval from the CEO of the ABF acting on their behalf is responsible for the submission of the related declarations.

    Laws governing the importation of goods into Australia are fraught with complexities, and inaccuracies included in your declaration can have severe implications for timeframes and costs. That’s why most importers so often engage an experienced Customs Broker to effectively manage the clearance process for them.

    Licensed Customs Brokers work with companies and individuals to help them accurately complete and submit all the import clearance documentation required by the Australian government to import goods.

    As part of this process, they will adequately classify your goods to ensure they are checked and cleared by the appropriate government agency and conduct all necessary liaisons with the various bodies involved.

    If you’re importing goods of any type or quantity into Australia, we recommend using a licensed Customs Broker with a comprehensive understanding of import legislation and clearance processes. Doing so will take the hassle out of navigating the often complex regulations. Let us liaise with the relevant government agencies, and ensure all legal requirements are met to avoid costly and frustrating delays.

    For the past four decades, WWCF has built its reputation as a leading Customs Broker, adept at facilitating the quickest and most cost-effective importation processes for individuals and businesses across every sector.

    Our team works on behalf of clients to apply the latest knowledge and leverage strong relationships in ensuring all dealings with the ABF - i.e., the governing body responsible for managing Australian customs and clearance - are appropriately handled.

    Absolutely! We have a dedicated team of specialist Customs Brokers working in this area, who are well versed in the specific requirements associated with the importation of personal effects.

    Aside from illegal or prohibited items, including narcotics, firearms, and some rare animal products, most other goods can easily be cleared to enter Australia. In some instances, specific kinds of goods might require a special permit. Your Customs Broker will offer advice on whether you are eligible, and how these can be obtained.

    In the vast majority of cases, you won’t need a license or any sort of special permission to import goods into Australia. However, some items may require the importer to obtain a permit, particularly if the goods are seen to pose a biosecurity threat.

    The following standard set of shipping documents need to be completed prior to any imported goods arriving in the country:

    - Packing lists
    - Packing declarations (Sea freight)
    - Commercial invoices
    - Bills of lading / Air waybills
    - Letters of authority

    For certain goods, you might be asked to provide documentation to demonstrate additional measures have been taken. These could include treatments and fumigation where goods are perceived to pose a potential biosecurity threat. Examples might include:

    - Treatment certificates
    - Marine insurance certificates
    - Certificates of Origin (Free Trade certificates)
    - Product specific documents

    Imported items with a value of less than AU$1000 that arrive as air freight or sea freight can be cleared by the ABF using a straightforward self-assessment form known as an ‘SAC declaration.’

    If you are planning to import goods with a value in excess of AU$1,000, these must be officially cleared by customs via a properly completed declaration, alongside payment of all import taxes, duties, and charges.

    The actual import tax amount will depend on precisely what you’re bringing into the country. Because this can vary greatly, we have developed a helpful import tax calculator to help with your planning.

    As standard, import duty is 5 percent, and import GST is 10 percent. However, a wide array of international trade agreements and concessions may be applicable. A WWCF Customs Broker will ensure all concessions are applied before the final amount is paid.

    In addition, you’ll be required to pay an AU$50 processing / Government entry fee, and your Customs Broker will be able to let you know if any additional fees are payable, based on the specifics of your situation.

    To calculate your costs, use our free Australian Duties & GST Calculator.

    In Brisbane, a customs broker typically applies two separate charges. Firstly, you’ll be charged a flat service fee, which can range from AU$75 for the clearance of items that arrive by post, to AU$139 for sea freight and $178 for air freight. Alongside this, the standard $50 processing / Government entry fee is likely to be passed on by your broker.

    Although using professional and licensed customs brokers to support the clearance of your imported goods into Australia isn’t required by law, engaging a licensed expert will manage what can often present a complicated process. They will ensure you mitigate the risk of non-compliance, avoid potential fines, minimise delays, and don’t overpay on import duties.

    Brisbane Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders perform distinct, separate functions in the import supply chain.

    A Freight Forwarder deals in freight movement and manages the physical transportation of imported goods between locations. Those who work in Freight Forwarding have the advantage of knowing which companies are best suited to transporting specific goods, and can utilise their strong supplier relationships to negotiate the most favourable rates.

    Once the actual transportation of your goods is sorted, the Customs Broker will step in. They will facilitate the legal entry of your items into Australia by ensuring compliance with all customs laws and regulations, as well as calculating the appropriate import fees.

    Our Customs Broker Office at Brisbane Airport

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