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Our Central Coast Customs Brokers remove the stress from importing goods into New South Wales. Our extensive experience gives you access to a wealth of local and international knowledge.

This means you can rest assured that your shipments will arrive safely and on time using our extensive road, air, and sea networks. This integrated infrastructure creates a smooth clearance process, avoiding complications and unexpected delays.

Work with a trusted customs broker Central Coast - and simplify the import process.

Enlisting the help of a customs broker can greatly simplify the process of bringing goods into the Central Coast of NSW. Navigating the customs clearance procedures and the intricacies of importing can be daunting if you're not well-versed in the regulations.

The increasing regulatory demands on imports mean a licensed customs broker is indispensable, ensuring your goods are cleared into New South Wales smoothly and efficiently.

  • Reduction in tax liabilities
  • Prevention of costly delays
  • Faster receipt of your goods

A customs broker manages all aspects of the import process, from minimising import duties to complying with stringent customs and quarantine regulations.

Completing all clearance requirements accurately will protect you from financial penalties, expedite the clearance process, and minimise storage fees for goods held at the port.

Poorly managed imports can negatively affect customer relationships and your business's productivity and reputation.

Work with WWCF's highly experienced customs clearance & customs brokerage specialists on the NSW Central Coast

For over 40 years, Worldwide Customs and Forwarding Agents (WWCF) has earned a stellar reputation among Australian businesses and individuals seeking brokerage services to identify the fastest and most cost-effective ways to import their goods.

Our customs brokers are specialists in importing goods into the Central Coast of NSW, ensuring swift customs clearance. With four decades of experience, our team has built strong relationships with major airlines and shipping companies, earning the trust of clients and officials alike. These established connections facilitate a smoother customs clearance process.

Given the vast and ever-evolving array of concessions, exemptions, and trade agreements, you can rely on our expertise to avoid overpaying import taxes and to benefit from applicable discounts and reductions. Our Central Coast customs clearance brokers will collaborate with you to expedite the clearance of your shipments.

We simplify and assist in navigating the complex procedures involving the ABF, the Department of Home Affairs, and the Department of Agriculture, among other government bodies. We ensure that factors such as cultural heritage and biosecurity risks are properly addressed and managed, allowing your goods to be cleared promptly without unnecessary and costly delays.

Why work with our knowledgeable, professional, licensed customs brokers?

Whether you're an experienced importer looking to offload the administrative burdens a newcomer with limited knowledge of the import process or someone who made an online purchase unaware of the tax and import implications, we can assist you.

For regular importers, managing the complexities of customs documentation, tariffs, and compliance can be a significant drain on resources. By partnering with our expert customs brokers, you can delegate these tasks, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while ensuring everything is handled efficiently and accurately.

If you're less experienced in importing, the labyrinth of regulations, tariffs, and customs procedures can be overwhelming. Our knowledgeable brokers will guide you through each step, from understanding your responsibilities to ensuring compliance with all legal requirements, making the process seamless and stress-free.

Even if you've made an online purchase without considering the associated tax and import duties, our brokers can help. We'll manage the complexities of customs and quarantine requirements, ensuring your purchase is delivered without unexpected costs or delays.

Relocating to the beautiful New South Wales Central Coast? We can help with that, too.

For individuals relocating and needing to move personal effects, the process can be daunting. We simplify this for you, handling all necessary documentation and regulatory compliance to ensure your belongings arrive safely and on time without unnecessary delays or additional costs.

International freight forwarders

No matter your situation, our experienced brokers are uniquely equipped to help you navigate the intricate and sometimes confusing customs and quarantine requirements and processes. We ensure your goods are cleared smoothly and efficiently, saving you time, money, and potential headaches.


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    Central Coast's international freight forwarding & Australian customs clearances experts

    The Australian Border Force (ABF) oversees customs services in Australia. They require all items arriving by sea, air, or post to be classified before they are cleared and sent to their recipients.

    Think of us as a bridge between importers and the government. We collaborate with companies across various industries—from startups to established leaders—ensuring that goods are correctly classified and that all tax and border security requirements are met in the most economical way.

    A licensed customs broker can help you navigate the complexities of the import process, preventing unnecessary and costly delays. Our team's up-to-date knowledge and strong industry relationships ensure your imports are charged accurately, with all applicable duty concessions and international trade agreements applied.

    Our customs brokerage expertise isn't limited to businesses in Melbourne. We also assist personal importers on the Central Coast of NSW who are relocating to Australia and individuals making one-off online purchases who may not be aware of the necessary tax and import requirements.

    Our customs clearance and brokerage process:

    Step 1 - Organise your shipping documents

    It's best to contact us as soon as you receive your shipping documents. This allows us to ensure all paperwork is accurately completed and submitted on time, avoiding delays due to errors or omissions.

    Step 2 - Manage the clearance process

    Once your items arrive, we manage the clearance process, including communication with quarantine and customs officials. We also ensure that import taxes are accurately assessed, preventing unexpected costs.

    Step 3 - Expedite the process with our freight forwarding service

    You can also opt to use our expedited freight forwarding service from Sydney or the Central Coast. We will securely transport your cargo directly to your location, taking the hassle and stress out for you.

    We prioritise personalised service - with everything we do.

    Getting your items to and from is what we do, but we also offer excellent customer service as a baseline every step of the way. Our business is family-owned and run and has been helping Australians successfully import and export for over 40 years.

    We provide clear communication throughout your time working with us, educating our customers at every opportunity. Whether you are an occasional personal importer or run a large business that relies on effective transportation - you can expect the same level of continued professionalism, friendliness and personalised service.

    Our highly experienced customs brokerage and freight forwarding teams focus on creating long-term relationships, guiding newcomers and industry professionals through the intricacies of moving goods around Australia and globally.

    How fast can I have my shipment cleared into Sydney or the Central Coast, NSW, with your customs broker's assistance?

    We typically clear shipments within 24 to 48 hours, provided all necessary paperwork is completed correctly. However, this timeframe can vary.

    Incomplete or inaccurate documentation can result in your goods being held in costly storage facilities for an unpredictable duration. Should any unforeseen complications occur, we'll be available to address them promptly, aiming to reduce any potential delays.

    What sort of assistance can your Customs Brokers provide?

    We provide assistance at many stages of the import and export process for various reasons. We build long-term relationships with larger businesses that frequently import goods, support personal importers new to the process, and contact us anxiously, wondering why their items are held up in customs.

    Do you have access to Government Clearance Rates?

    Yes, our systems are directly linked to the Australian Border Force, Customs Service, and Quarantine Service. This connection gives us real-time access to current rates, concessions, and the latest customs and quarantine requirements.

    Who can benefit from working with a customs broker?

    Regular importers wanting to reduce administrative tasks, inexperienced importers unfamiliar with the process, individuals relocating personal effects, and those making online purchases unaware of tax and import rules can all benefit from our expert customs brokerage services.

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