Corona virus latest shipping update

  • The Government authorities in China were advising that with the exception of Hubei province (February 13) other provinces would return to work after the extended Chinese New Year holiday on February 9.

    However, from talking to industry and receipt of notices from various shipping lines the full return to work for many cities may now be February 17.

    Our Chinese forwarders & agents have advised and after reviewing global publications it would appear the return to work is to be much slower than anticipated with many employees wary about returning to an open environment with other people.

    Many companies & cities are being advised to manage the return to work in the best interest of their employees.

    Our Chinese contacts advise that Shenzhen and Ningbo still remain closed & that the “return to work” for Hubei province is now scheduled for February 17.

    The feeling within the community is that any return to work and full capacity will be a slow build and the lower volumes of cargo moving may extend into early to mid-March.

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