Full Service Warehousing for Sea or Air Cargo

full service ware houseing

  1. You don't want to buy or lease a Warehouse
  2. You don't have the time
  3. No manpower to pack or unpack- cargo 

We provide importers and exporters a secure full service warehouse for both short or long-term warehousing . This is just another reason why ?

World Wide is one of Australia's leading customs and freight forwarding agents.

Our Service Warehouse Offers:

  • Pallet in / Pallet Out
  • High Quality Security
  • Long and Short term storage
  • Sophisticated Stock Control System
  • Order Entry / Processing
  • Inventory Control Management
  • Container Packing or Unpacking

Our total inventory control with a sophisticated computer system provides real-time stock balances, warehouse locations and delivery instructions along with label printing. We can even send your stock reports to you electronically.
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