Three Container Delivery options

  • Three Container Delivery options


    1.   Live container Load or unload , we bring the full container on the back of a truck to your curb side or loading dock .The Driver will wait until you have finished unloading or loading and securing your goods in the container. You get one hour free time with any additional time needed is charged at $98.00 per hour. When you are finished, the container will be returned to the shipping terminal.
    three container delivery options
    2.     Container drop off – we bring the container to your loading area (this is subject to site conditions) the delivery truck will place the container on the ground in your loading area.
    With this service, we allow two or three days (or a weekend) to load your unload you cargo and when you are finished, we will pick up the full container and return it to the shipping terminal or receiving container depot.

    3.     Warehouse/Terminal loading or unloading of the full container, we bring the container to our wharf depot for loading or unloading. We will either pick up your cargo or deliver it directly to you. For export cargo you may decide to deliver your goods or vehicle to our depot for loading in to the container .Once your goods are received, they will be loaded and secured in the container and delivered to the shipping terminal.

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