Heightened Quarantine Alert

  •  Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs Sept to April

    The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) is not found in Australia and it must be kept out, as it would severely impact our agricultural industries. Theys feed on, and can severely damage, fruit and vegetable crops rendering them unsellable  & or reducing production yields. They are a severe nuisance, entering vehicles, homes and factories for shelter over winter.

    They could arrive in Australia on cargo and containers shipped between September and April as this coincides with autumn and winter seasons in the Northern Hemisphere.

    The current  Stink Bug (BMSB) season is drawing to a close  at the 30/4/2019, many importers and businesses across Australia will be breathing a collective sigh of relief knowing that for the time being the quarantine restrictions will ease on their imports from the target risk countries.
    This season has been particularly difficult with the fumigation backlogs in Australia causing further delays and increased costs &  some ocean vessels being refused entry into Australia due to the onboard infestations.

    Unfortunately, the relief is only going to be temporary – As the stink Bugs continue to multiply & infest more countries in Europe and North America.

    The  next season will start from 01 Sept 2019 to 30 Apr 2020, with more countries  now subject to BMSB measures have  increased from 9 to 32.
    Obviously, this is going to put even more pressure on treatment facilities in Australia and we strongly urge all importers to familiarize the updated list of target countries and begin to discuss treatment options with your suppliers at the port of loading.

    Further info can be obtained directly from the Department of Agriculture website: 


    France Czech Republic Kosovo Andorra Greece Netherlands Montenegro
    Canada Georgia Romania Armenia Hungary Liechtenstein Luxembourg
    Albania Germany Russia Austria Serbia Macedonia Herzegovina
    Bulgaria Croatia Spain Belgium Slovakia Switzerland
    USA Turkey Italy Azerbaijan Slovenia Bosnia
    Japan **heightened vessel surveillance will be the only measure applied**

    Find out how to identify and report the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug.

    Goods that are subject to the Quarantine requirements

    • Certain goods (target high risk and target risk goods) manufactured in, or shipped from the target risk countries as sea cargo.
    • Mandatory offshore treatment of target high risk goods shipped as break bulk. We also class goods shipped in open top containers or on flat rack containers as break bulk.
    • Mandatory offshore or onshore treatment of target high risk goods shipped as containerised cargo in sealed six-sided containers, such as FCL (full container load), FCX (full container consolidated), LCL (less than container load) and FAK (freight of all kinds). We class refrigerated containers (operating and non-operating) and high cube hard top sealed containers (ISO45U6/ISO45UP) the same as six hard sided sealed containers.
    • Containerised cargo with target high risk goods may be treated on arrival in Australia at the container level. Deconsolidation or removal of goods will not be permitted prior to treatment.
    • Export or destruction of target high risk goods requiring mandatory offshore treatment and arriving untreated, or treated by an unapproved treatment provider, unless exceptional circu​mstances are granted.
    • Target risk goods will be subject to increased onshore intervention through random inspection and will be directed for onshore treatment if BMSB is detected.
    • Random inspection of goods after treatment to validate the effectiveness of treatments.
    • Random inspection of goods from all other emerging BMSB risk countries.
    • All goods must still meet standard import conditions in BICON.

    For detailed information on how to prepare to import target high risk and risk goods during the season visit the Preparing to import page.


    Heightened surveillance on all roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) and general cargo vessels through additional pre-arrival reporting with a BMSB questionnaire and daily checks conducted by vessel masters.

    Target risk countries

    Any target high risk or target risk goods manufactured in, or shipped from these countries are subject to the BMSB seasonal measures.

    Any vessel that tranships or loads goods from these countries are also subject to heightened vessel surveillance.

    Target high risk goods

    Goods that fall within the following Department of Home Affairs tariff classifications have been categorised as target high risk goods and will require mandatory treatment for BMSB risk.

    Target high risk goods that are shipped as break bulk (this includes goods shipped in open top or on flat rack containers) will require mandatory offshore treatment. Untreated target high risk goods shipped as break bulk will be directed for export on arrival.Target high risk goods that are shipped in enclosed containers may be treated offshore or onshore at the whole container level. Deconsolidation or removal of goods will not be permitted prior to treatment.


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