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Our Melbourne Customs Clearance Brokers & Agents specialists will work with you to expedite the Customs clearance of your shipments.

Our hands-on approach offers the very best services available for your business.

Duty rates, customs clearance and entry processes can all differ depending on the exporting country, making the customs clearance process confusing.

Our experts will help expedite the delivery of your shipment, avoiding costly and inconvenient delays that may arise regarding tariff classifications, value declarations and duty management.

All our systems are electronically linked to the Australian Customs Service, the Australian Quarantine Service and other government departments.

This means we have direct access to duty rates, duty concessions and other information traditionally stored in numerous volumes of paper binders within an instant.

This combined with our expert clearance personnel ensures our service is second to none.We always go the extra distance ensuring your cargo is cleared and delivered on time every time.

Our Melbourne customs clearance brokers and agents are experts in all clearance formalities, moving your shipments through customs with easy & efficiency while minimizing potential cargo delivery delays.

We are a customs brokerage and a forwarding agency offering comprehensive worldwide, door-to-door shipping for importers and exporters.