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We let you take control of your imports by streamlining the customs clearance process.

We provide fast and efficient customs clearance services in all Australian ports.

Our Adelaide customs brokers, agents, simplify the clearance process for you.  It is not a complex procedure when using our expert services.

Clearance from customs is required to receive your goods from overseas and it is recommended that qualified and capable customs broker agents perform the task.

A customs clearance agent understands government protocol for all types of freight, and will also investigate all avenues of possible cost savings for the customer.

As logistics experts, we fully understand the impact that delays in border clearances can have on your business. So, we harness our deep expertise, extensive resources, vast networks and strong relationships to make sure your international shipment clears customs and quarantine barriers as smoothly and quickly as possible.

We can provide our customs and border services in association with our comprehensive range of international freight transport services, as a component of a fully integrated supply chain solution.

We also offer a comprehensive range of warehousing and storage solutions, including bonded warehousing.