Covid Related Delivery Delays

  • Covid Related Delivery Delays

    As you would be aware, the recent surge with the Omicron strain has put huge pressure on the transport supply chain.fleet

    The Omicron Variant has seen the number of cases throughout the country escalate to unforeseen levels, which we are all feeling its impact in all industries. As we come to terms with record daily cases, we all are facing the severe labour, equipment, and supply shortages.

    We continue to see all divisions of the logistics sector dramatically affected by either positive COVID cases or close contact isolation, which has resulted in a diminished available workforce (both indirect and direct labour).

    This, coupled with continued high volumes of import and export containers, has seen the supply chain approaching a breaking point, with many transport operators reporting a significant reduction in staffing levels.

    Unfortunately, Worldwide Customs & Forwarding has been unable to avoid the current issues, and it is influencing our on-time delivery performance.

    All Wharf terminals are reporting staffing shortages, creating significant issues getting timeslots – and similar issues with empty parks – which we note have moved towards a time slotting system, away from the previous notification system.

    This continues to create more congestion in the depots, leading to delays for delivery and de hire. As we have mentioned previously, these compounding issues continue to put pressure on our business and the logistics chain in general.

    Important to note – Worldwide Customs & Forwarding will not be accepting any shipping line container demurrage due to the current situation.

    We would encourage all clients to liaise directly with the shipping lines, requesting extensions for de hires, or credits, citing the huge effects of Covid. Worldwide will continue to work with all clients through these challenges and request your patience and understanding as we work hard to minimize any service disruptions.


    We suggest you consider ,the possibility of after-hours deliveries, or weekends, to minimize any delivery delays to your operations.
    Thank you for your understanding, and best wishes for 2022.

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